Friday, August 11, 2006

Some thoughts

Hi people! Firs of all, I want to thank all of you who have written messages to me. It's really pleasant to know that many of you people find interesting this blog, please keep participating! remember that this is forum to share!
Next, I want to express my sadness and concern about the recent terrorist attempts to blow several aircrafts that were to fly from the UK to the US... Thank heavens the security personnel in London was able to detect the dark purposes of those persons and that way many innocent lives were saved!
But it's really frustrating, surprising and deceiving to know that these things happen in our world, and most of the cases, this kind of acts are committed by people from Arabic countries (extremists, obviously). I mean, they argue that their acts are all made according to Quran. But is there any part in Quran that reads that you should attack other people who don't share your beliefs? Is there any writting in Quran that says that you own somebody else's life?
I'm not muslim, and I have read only little parts of Quran... but I'm sure that it must be a sacred book full of knowledge and wisdom, and I don't believe that a great religion such as Islam could be based in terrorism and crimes. I am sorry to tell that I really don't think that terrorism is written in Quran.
Then why do terrorist keep acting this way? Wouldn't they like to live in a peaceful world too, instead of trying to get rid of people? Wouldn't it be nice for them as well?
This is just a part of my thoughts. I'm pretty touched by all this topics. If you want to express something regarding this issue, please post a message and share it in the blog. Thank you!


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