Monday, July 31, 2006

If somebody is a very good coach for a team, then why can't he coach two teams?

Coaching a soccer team should be a difficult task, which to be performed well requires much strategic thinking, communication with the players and managers, and most of all, much time. So much time, that one person can only handle to coach a single team. Or have you ever seen a coach that renders his services to two teams at the same time? No, that's weird, isn't it?
Well in this strange world we can expect to find the weirdest things, the ones that we would never have imagined before to occur... and having a single coach for two teams is not a dream anymore.
After their fair appearance in the world cup 2006 in Germany, Argentina's coach José Pekerman decided not to work for such team anymore (very ashamed for not winning the world cup), so the Argentinian Soccer Federation had a problem: they had to find a new coach for the national team, and soon.
Today they finally solved the situation in a very unusual (and never seen before) way: They decided to hire Alfio Basile, Boca Juniors' current coach (one of the most popular local clubs), as a head coach for the national team... without quitting his former job! So now Basile is coach for two teams at the same time. Amazing, isn't it?
The sad part of all this is that, according to some rumours, Basile will quit his job at Boca Juniors on September; I'm sure that, however, this strange decision could eventually change the way of coaching soccer teams... and why not? also the way of paying for such services.


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