Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Need a fast transportation? Why don't you buy your own jet?

It appears that the cheap flying era is approaching fast to us; someday people won't park cars inside their garages, but they'll park jets.
We're nearing that point. According to an article found in Sympatico/MSN Homepage, Honda, the Japanese motor company, is decided to be the pioneer in this new market segment. Jointly with the aircraft manufacturer Piper, they're studying the possibility of launching to the market a prototype jet named HondaJet, the first low-price aircraft of its type.
The estimated price of such product has not been announced, however it is expected to be an affordable one. Other doubts remaining in the air for now are the technical specs of such vessel (speed, range limit, gas consumption, etc).
Anyway, such product could really change the aeronautical history, as having an own jet for some people could not be a far dream to reach anymore.
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