Thursday, August 10, 2006

More deceiving facts about auctions...

This is somehow deceiving. I always thought that the goods sold through auctions had a very high intrinsic value, but today I found out that that theory is just a myth and the reality could vary greatly from it.
Jefferys is an auction house that decided to sell 21 paintings by Adolf Hitler (yeah, believe it or not, that jerk painted some stuff too!). The paintings were kept by an old woman in Belgium for several years, and recently she came to an agreement with such auction house to sell those toilet tissues... ehhr, I mean, paintings.
The most surprising fact for me is that it's not the first time that they think of this idea at that joint, the last year they auctioned a portrait of a mailman painted by the same sucker, and they collected 15,000 € for it (I'm sorry for the loser that paid for it, what a dumbass!! Hopefully they used it to fire their chimney or to clean after their dogs while jogging every morning).
I really wish that nobody buys those things. No money should be ever collected for paintings done by such a big criminal, because that's like showing sympathy for him. I would widely recommend the people at Jeffrys to flush all that junk down the toilet, and even that would hardly be a convenient place to throw those things.
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At 2:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you given any thought to the notion that the paintings may well belong to an elderly Jewish person, who has fallen on hard times, and who desperately needs some money to survive?


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