Monday, August 07, 2006

B.C. Day

Today is a national holiday in most Canadian provinces, being celebrated in the British Columbia the B.C. Day (because the name varies from province to province, for example, in Saskatchewan it is known as "Saskatchewan Day" and in Alberta "Heritage Day", just to mention some). For this reason, yesterday there were many events that took part in the city of Victoria, the provincial capital city. During the day, some acrobatic tricks performed by airplanes at Willows Beach, and during the evening, an orchestra played some classical music, starting with the national anthem, and finishing with the overture 1812 by Tchaikovsky, accompanyied by some cannons and fireworks.
I would really like to let the BC authorities know that the organization was a real success, and that I (and I think, all of the people that were there tonight) had a great and unforgettable time...
Happy holiday to all the provinces in Canada that are celebrating something today!


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