Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's beach time in Paris!

It's summer in the northern hemisphere of this planet, and for many people, this is the perfect season to take some time off their stressing jobs and enjoying a peaceful and relaxing time at the beach, even if going to the closest one implies traveling some hours by car or by plane (and of course, increasing expenses).
And the people in Paris, France, have the luck of living in a metropolis well known for its glamour and good manners. But the city isn't perfect, and something that lacks is a beach there.
However, that's not a problem for them: many years ago, they decided to use some areas of the Seine river's rim as beaches, so people could go there to exercise and get a good tan.
Typically, the French beaches are remembered for allowing topless and nudist practices in them; and the "beach" in Paris used to have the same modus operandi than the rest of resorts in the country. But not anymore.
The City Hall issued today a regulation than prohibits any kind of "undecent" exhibitions in the simulated beaches in Paris, including (but not limited to) topless, nude, and trouser fashions. Any person caught violating this rule will be subject to a fine that could reach 38 €. This obviously modifies the traditional point of view that we had about the French beaches and resorts, doesn't it?
So if you plan to visit the beach in Paris this summer, don't forget to wear appropiate clothing; otherwise look for another beach that allows public nudity!.


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