Thursday, August 03, 2006

Once again, Mr. Gibson... you're drunk, and you're definitely a jerk

Mel Gibson was arrested for driving drunk, and that's not really news... but what is really news is that he's obviously a shame for Hollywood and the whole society.
I must admit that I'm really mad to this guy, especially because of his antisemitic comments while he was drunk. He obviously apologized later for those comments. But in the place where I come from, they say that there are two only types of person that always tell the truth: children, and drunks. And I believe that those are his true thoughts, especially when I consider that one of his "master" movies, The passion of the Christ, is all about blaming the Jews for Jesus' death... a very antisemitic way to teach the Bible to the people, isn't it Mel? Well, I have news for you: the christian bible also teaches to love other people; and that obviously demonstrates that you're not as good christian as you say to be. But I'm sure it's not all your fault, those are the ideologies that your father taught you since you were a youngster, as he is convinced that the holocaust against the Jews in Eastern Europe is "mostly fiction", right?
One thing I have to recognize: Mr. Gibson has starred and produced some masterpieces of the movies history. For example, who could ever forget Braveheart? But, I have to say that even his best movies don't give him the right to do such dirty comments.
I understand that Gibson's new movie, called Apocalypto (or something like that) will arrive to the movie theatres next fall or winter... the main topic of this movie is the end of the Mayan civilization (which, being aware of Gibson's ideology, is occasionated by the Jews for sure). I really recommend you not to watch such movie, let's not support an individual who disrespects other religions and his own beliefs too. It's time to show Mr. Gibson to respect other folks and cultures, no matter if he's drunk or not.
By the way, what's the matter with his new look?? I think that this fellow reached a new low in his career and in his whole life.


At 7:08 AM , Blogger SusQHB said...

Hell, I wouldn't watch his upcoming movie anyway. Even if he weren't a total mental case. Has this guy given up on non-subtitled movies or what?


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