Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New power usage record!

This is a record not worth to be proud of. The Canadian province of Ontario reached a high electricity consumption of 26,854 megawatts, which drove the authorities to issue a "power warning" to the local population: such high consumption could lead to possible blackouts that will affect the whole province, including of course the main cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Thunder Bay).
To avoid cuts on the energy supply, the local authorities asked the citizens to take some easy steps, such as turning off appliances that aren't strictly necessary; also they asked to use microwave ovens instead of conventional ones and to hang wet clothes instead of using the dryer machines. But what's the reason for which the power consumption increased so much in the past days? The answer is very simple: this summer is one of the hottest ever, especially for the eastern regions in Canada and the US, which leads to the continuous usage of air condition and fans. If we add to that a higher consumption of electricity for fridges, for example, we obtain that the demand of electricity boosts dramatically. And that's exactly what's happening there.
So if you live in Ontario, be aware of this situation and try to save some energy. Be patient, as cooler days are already approaching.


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