Thursday, July 27, 2006

The next Latin American tallest building, and perhaps one of the world's tallest as well?

A Spanish company named Grupo Olloqui announced today that they'll start to build a new building in Panama that will become the tallest one in Latin America, defeating the actual one, Torre Mayor in Mexico City(picture on the right), built by a Canadian group.
The masterpiece, that will be named Palacio de la Bahía (Palace of the Bay) will be, according to them, "the tallest building in Latin America, one of the tallest in the world, and the tallest residential building".
What will we find inside this building? Well, it is planned to settle in there commercial complexes, offices, hotel, apartments and a restaurant; all inside a structure with a heigth of 350 metres that will be divided in 97 storeys. It is supposed to be finished during 2009.
I just have a little question: how can this building could be considered "the tallest residential building in the world" by its designers, when it will clearly host many commercial services? That's weird. And that's a stupid statement by the group that is carrying forward this project. For now, Torre Mayor keeps being the tallest building in Latin America (and it's way too far to be one of the tallest in the World); let's see what happens with that distorted building that will appear in Panama's landscape starting from 2009.


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