Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stari Most, four years later...

Stari Most is a legendary bridge in the city of Mostar, one of the most important cities in the Balkan republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The place is an icon of the whole country and the Islamic Bosniak culture, reason for which it was a target for Croatian forces during the war in that country held since 1992 until 1995.
The original Stari Most, built in the 16th century, was completely destroyed on November, 1993, in a joint action with the Serbian Forces working by then under the instructions of Slobodan Milosevic.
After that war, it was agreed that such bridge would be rebuilt with similar techniques that were used to erect the first one; the construction of the new Stari Most was finished on July, 2002, some days before its opening.
Stari Most is an icon that should remind us the purpose that the human race must pursue: to build and unify, not to destroy and separate.
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