Friday, July 21, 2006

Would you like some dog or cat meat in your meal?

It is not a secret that some Asian people, especially Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Malaysian have strange traditional dishes in their countries, or at least they seem to be strange for us westerns. I guess it's part of their own traditions and culture, so although I don't share the same likes, I respect them.
But it seems that those likes aren't accepted by some people, and the proof of that is Mexico. Yesterday, in the Korean Embassy in that country, a bunch of people gathered to show their rage against the fact that Koreans use to eat dog and cat meat (this type of food is considered aphrodisiac by some people). They claim that those animals are a great company for humans, and therefore they should not be considered for human consumption. These points are expressed in a letter given to the Economic Affairs responsible person.
This demonstration was not the only one, in some other countries protest like that one took place.
What do you say? Should this kind of food be allowed? Have you ever tried dog or cat meat? I haven't, and I think I won't... it doesn't sound yummy anyway. Let's wait to see what do Koreans and Chinese think about this controversy. Remember: all comments are welcome. Cheers.


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