Thursday, September 07, 2006

A word about your comments

Hi folks!,
In the last few days I've received many messages greeting me for the quality of the blog. I thank all the people who had taken their time to write all those thoughts! Believe me that I'm very pleased to know that you find valuable things in my blog, I hope to be able to keep it that way!
I'd like to speak about a specific message that I received. Some days ago, I wrote a text in this blog called "More deceiving facts about auctions..." (click on the name to read the article), for which I received a message saying that maybe the old lady selling the paintings to the Jefferys auction house could be in fact a jewish old lady needing money to survive. I would say the following: It is possible that the old woman was having a hard financial time and thus she decided to sell those paintings, it is also possible that such action would maybe let survive a the person. The only thing that I don't find really possible is that such woman is jewish, I personally don't think that any jewish person would like to keep paintings made by an individual who committed his life in exterminating the jewish folk from Earth (with which, of course, I'm not implying that it's not possible at all, but it's not very likely to be, in my opinion). I want to thank this person for submitting such opinion, I really found it very interesting!
Thanks again for your support and interest, keep visiting this web site anytime!


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