Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chinese productivity

Do you use the toilets in your workplace when you're on duty? If you wanted to work for Foshan, you should give up that habit!
Foshan is a company that manufactures appliances in the province of Canton, China. Its managers decided that they should increase their efficiency by avoiding that their workers wander and lose time during the day, for which, effective immediately, it's strictly forbidden to the employees to use the toilets during working hours. Failure to regard this ridiculous rule could result in a fine as high as 5 yuans (half euro) to the employee. Also, the workshop leaders get fined with 2 yuans (20 cents of euro) for every employee that leaves their tasks to go to the toilets. The usage of the toilets is allowed only at the employees' lunch time (or any other kind of time off) and "on emergencies".
This has caused the rage of the employees, and the local government has allegedly begun an investigation on the situation.
There is no doubt that, although they do their best to deny it, Chinese authorities allow sweat shops to operate in China. For how long will the Chinese "prosperous growth" last this way?
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