Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The next economic power? Think about this...

The Chinese exportations of counterfeit products is growing every day. As a proof of that, there's an article found today in some American mass media, where they say that the police confiscated in Tucson, Arizona, some shipping containers loaded with 135,000 pairs of fake Nike shoes, which represent a retail value of approximately 16 million U.S. dollars. And although the shipment was coming from Mexico, all of the shoes were made in China.
After reading such note, I really took some time to think about this: Should we believe that China must be considered the next economic power? Maybe yes, but after becoming a powerful country (financially speaking, of course), the question would be: For how long will China be an economic power?.
I feel realistic in saying that China will be an international ruler for as long as the world keeps accepting imports from China, mainly containing counterfeit products manufactured in sweat shops, which the Chinese authorities and some companies that produce articles in China keep denying although everybody knows that they actually exist. For how long will the Chinese workers accept infrahuman labor conditions, in which sometimes they can't enjoy even a single day of the week to have some rest and in which the daily payment for their work is slightly enough to buy a plate of rice? For how long will the Chinese companies agree to settle their businesses under the rule of a corrupt regime? For how long would such companies apply dumping policies (selling to a price that does not cover the cost of the article) to set the prices for their products?
I'd say that, although China is the most populous country in the world, it's way too far to become a lasting economic power. The issues I mentioned before, along with some other political and social problems that such nation faces right now, are like a time bomb that could explode at any time.
Another issue that I find really annoying is the freedom with which Chinese companies produce counterfeit articles, violating all kinds of patents and copyrights under the protection of the Chinese government. How can this be possible? Why are they free to massively produce goods that violate international laws and rules, and which sometimes don't even fulfill the minimum safety regulations for an appropiate human use (but they're still sold in the market)?
The message that the Chinese companies send to all the regions in the world is very clear and simple: "We don't care about your rules and patents, and we don't care about you".
After reviewing all these simple points, I urge the international communities to find a solution for this phenomenon, to keep fair market rules in which every competitor can have the same opportunities and in which the consumers can be able to find original, good quality products to use safely and with confidence.
What's you opinion on this controversial topic? Please post any messages. See you!


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