Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye, Andre! We'll miss a master!

It is the end of a wonderful sports career, in which he won all the imaginable tournaments for his specialty: each of the Grand Slam titles, Masters, Davis Cup... and even an Olympic gold medal. Those are Andre Agassi's achievements.
This extraordinary American tennis player decided to end his career today, after playing a third round match of the US Open and losing it against Benjamin Becker. But believe me that this slip up means nothing, compared with the long and successfull 21 year career that this player developped in tennis, in which he was ranked as number 1 in the world for a quite long time.
But all of these memories are now part of history. There's no doubt that Agassi is now a living legend of tennis, and as such, he left a deep trace in this sport's history.
Thank you, Andre! Best luck in your future projects!


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