Monday, September 04, 2006

Animal Planet mourning

Bad news are also news. It's a pitty that it's not always possible to spread the word only about good news, an this one is both shocking and sad.
Do you remember about Steve Irwin? Probably not, but maybe you'd better remember him as the "Crocodile Hunter", one of the most famous hosts in Animal Planet channel, well known for interacting with pretty dangerous animals such as crocodiles, lizards and snakes. Well, he died today, at age 44, during a scuba diving expedition in Low Island, Australia, after being attacked by a stingray while preparing some material for the TV series "Great Barrier Reef". Rescue services were sent from mainland Australia flying in a chopper, but for when they arrived, the Crocodile Hunter was already dead.
Irwin was also an owner of a zoo, and he created a foundation for the preservation of wild species.
A big loss for the animal research and preservation communities, and for the documentary TV industry as well. May he rest in peace.


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