Friday, September 01, 2006

Mexico: Cheer the accurate information!

Some time ago, I posted an article named "After 4 days, Mexico knows who'll be the next President" (click here to read the entire article), in which I criticized the attitude taken by the left wing (and losing) candidate Lopez Obrador, by not accepting the official results of the presidential elections in that country. It is very sad to say that the situation in Mexico hasn't had any improvement at this time, and I'd even say that things are worse. It seems that this person tries to be president by force, and he has lately brought people to the streets to perform permanent civil demonstrations in which they claim that there was a fraud in the elections, and that he's the real winner (even when the Court has ratified the official results), having no respect for the people living in Mexico City who have to pass long hours to commute from their homes to their work places and they're even afraid to be in the surrounding streets.
But fortunately, it seems that to the international press' eyes, his pantomime is not having other effects than to know that this rebel is a fool and a false Messiah who tries to have power by any necessary means, even by force. I'd like to cheer many international informers for spreading the word about the unfair situation to which he's leading Mexico (with the help of his supporters, of course). One of them is the San Diego Tribune, who published a note regarding this topic. Its title is "Lopez Obrador's actions only hurt Mexico" (click here to read it, believe me it's worth). It strongly criticizes the left wing candidate by saying that "those kinds of tactics (launching people to build tents to block the streets and to make them live there) don't make friends. In this case, they seem to have cost the candidate some support in his own party". Which is most ridiculous, and this article emphasizes well, is that "most pathetically of all, and here is where we get into the stuff of reality shows, he has also threatened to set up a kind of parallel, shadow government to rule from the streets of Mexico City with possibly the support of thousands".
Another newspaper that deserves to be praised is the Spanish ABC, which published in recent days a note named "El golpismo cívico de López Obrador" (Lopez Obrador's Civic Coup d'état mentality). Such text says that "his (Lopez Obrador's) attitude has reached intolerable limits" for trying to ignore the actual government and legitimacy of the elected president. As they write, "in this consists more or less a coup d'état, whether it's made by the force of weapons or by blocking streets in a 'civic' mode, as he has been doing through his followers for more than a month". Also, they emphasize that his threats to "make unmanageable the next presidential cycle" only show his sickness for power.
The article I mention before is really worth to read, you can read it online if you wish by clicking here (this version is in Spanish).
Thanks for all the international newspapers and mass media that inform properly about the presidential results in Mexico, and that find in Lopez Obrador an insane person that is only provoking the ruin of that country.


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