Sunday, August 27, 2006

Barbie can be really, really dirty sometimes...

I must confess something: I've always hated Barbie. I think that it's one of the most immoral and stupid toys ever created. She's a bad, bad influence for small girls, who think that living a life in the Barbie style is so cool. Do you know what? If I wanted to compare Barbie with a person of the real life, maybe its closest connection would be Paris Hilton. That's not something to feel very proud of.
And it seems that I'm not the only nemesis of that useless doll: a person in Brazil named Karin Scharz decided that it'd be really cool to change Barbie's way of life by picturing her trying new things... let's say, lesbian actions.
Obviously, the people at Mattel (the company that massively produces that horrible toy) are really mad about that, and they threatened to sue Scharz if such pictures aren't removed from the picture exhibition in which it's seen. But Scharz isn't really worried about it: "Barbie is exploited by Mattel, she shows her butt, her huge breasts, and she always has a boyfriend".
On the counterpart, a Mattel spokesman said that "Barbie [...] doesn't like to be pictured in a different way than she actually is. Besides, she's 46 years old and she deserves to be respected".
I never thought of Barbie in such way, but she deserves to be ashamed from time to time as well!


At 7:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bueno lo unico que voy a deir es que de hecho la barbie si es una mala influencia para las niñas pequeñas en el mundo pero tambien puedo hacer la confecion de que a mi me compraron 65 hehe pero puedo decir que soy una mujer bien formada a mi corta edad de 17 años tengo una carrera de fotografia profecional y tengo muchas aspiraciones en la vida ya que eso es lo que me han influido y enseñado a ser una mujer de exito y sobresaliente por lo tanto no creeo que la barbie tenga mucho que ver jeje
eddie tqm
alice zonana

At 8:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

a por cierto
el uso que le den a las barbies es de cada persona
no todos pensamos en porquerias como esa
a por cieto si hay barbies casadas y de hecho hasta con hijos una casa y un perro tambien hay con profeciones como doctoras
solo lo digo como dato ilustratorio jeje
alice zonana
otra vez
a perdon por mi ortografia :)

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At 6:52 AM , Anonymous mashu said...

i dont thik so that they are really derty


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