Monday, August 21, 2006

Ranking: Airlines

Oh, it's been a long time since I don't post any of my infamous rankings, but now that I had the chance to travel abroad, I realized how different is it to travel with one or another airline. Hence, I made this airline ranking, containing only the principal airlines (picking the three best and the two worst) arranged by world zone. Note that this ranking is based only in the quality of service, regardless of prices.



1. Mexicana (Mexico): Definitely, the best airline in America. The service is charming and a high quality one. The only cons it has is the short range of destinations outside Mexico and the US.
2. Northwest Ailrines (U.S.A.): Good airline. The service is pretty good, the aircrafts are very clean and the food is great. Highly recommended to travel to and from the U.S.
3. Aeromexico (Mexico): Another fine airline from Mexico, very accurate on its schedules (they're seldomly late). The quality of service is also very good, but the food is sometimes non worthy.
4. Alaska Airlines (U.S.A.): Decent airline. The service is reasonable and so is the cleanliness of its aircrafts. The food is bad, but it's compensated with its service.


1. Continental Airlines (U.S.A.): Their overall service is bad. The cleanliness of its planes could be better, and the attention is not very warm. I'd rather use other airlines, although it's not awful.
2. American Airlines (U.S.A.): Definitely, the worst airline in North America. The aircrafts are normally dirty and the in flight service is slow and bad. The food is also disgusting. Not recommended.



1. Lufthansa (Germany): I'd dare to say that they're the best airline in Europe. Good and fast service, nice food, nice hygiene. They really make an effort to make every passenger a satisfied customer.
2. Air France (France): Fine airline, they also have good cooks so the food is very decent. The seats of their airplanes are confortable and the flight attendants are kind.
3. Aer Lingus (Ireland): They're good at their job, altough from time to time they're late. But they make you feel like if you were important for them, and that counts.


1. KLM (Netherlands): Bad service. Bad food. It's not rare to find out that they're delayed, and if that wasn't enough, they use to lose luggage. The only point I find for them is that the personnel always smiles to you (at least, the on board personnel).
2. Iberia (Spain): The worst of the worst. The flight attendants seem to be always in a bad mood, the food is terrible and they also lose baggage. The cleanliness of the seats needs a very hard improvement as well.
That's it for now. I hope that this little listing may help you the next time you have to choose an airline to travel. See you now!!


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