Friday, July 14, 2006

July, a month for Coups d'état?

July 14 is mostly remembered (especially for French people) for the beginning of the French revolution, in 1789.
But it's very interesting to find out that such revolution is not the only coup d'état linked to the first half of the month, here's a short list of the principal revolts that have something to do with July:

1. The French Revolution: Well, as I said before, this movement began on July 14, 1789, when some rebels showed their inconformity with King Louis XVI's rule by entering the Bastille (a prison building) and letting to escape seven prisoners that were caged there. Such revolution would eventually lead to the execution of King Louis XVI and his wife.

2. Coup d'état in Cyprus: By 1974, Archbishop Makarios III was the president of the relatively new republic of Cyprus. At that time the country was still unified, but there were hard differences between the Greek and Turkish communities. Makarios was seen in the west as a leader with communist tendencies, and on July 15, 1974, Greece decided to support a coup d'état which successfully achieved its goal: to bring down Makario's government.
Shortly after this success, on July 20, Turkish troops invaded the nothernmost third of the island and they have remained there since then.

3. Fiji coup: This revolution, led by the Fijian Nationalist George Speight during the year 2000, began when an Indo-Fijian prime minister resulted elected. Many Fijians, touched by Speight's nationalist idealism, supported his movement and he acted by kidnapping the elected Prime Minister, and many other congressists. Then he tried to become the national Head of State by force but he failed in his project, as he was arrested on July 14, 2000, along with 369 of his followers. They were found guilty of treason and all of them were condemned to life imprisonment.

Are all those incidents real coincidences? Bye now.


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