Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Words of wisdom

Ah! It's indeed difficult to write things when inspiration doesn't favor you, but you feel the need of writing something (and I mean something intelligent and useful, of course).
Under these circumstances, to express own philosophies is always interesting. Sometimes, reading things arisen from other people's experiences is useful. Thus today's post will be dedicated to my personal "words of wisdom", which I normally call the Random Thoughts. I'll share with you some of them, hoping you find them both deep and useful:
Thought 1: "Achieving your current goals is only a first step to conquer future ones". That's something that I've learned from my experience. Achieving your goals is an event that you have to perform constantly; to reach a single goal is not enough if you don't have another goal to pursue after such achievement. So each goal is a step to reach more goals; the sum of all of them will lead to the biggest achievement. Which is it? That depends on you.

Thought 2: "When you think you've seen the worst of it all, you're only preparing yourself for what it's still to come". How many times have you thought 'Oh, this person couldn't reach lower than this' or 'this can't get any worse'?. My experience has taught me that there's always some way through which things can worsen, even if you think they can't. But this is not necessarily a negative or pessimistic though, it may be useful to think this way in order to avoid things of getting worse unexpectedly.

Thought 3: "A cue should be coded for the recipient to understand, and not in the way the sender would like to receive it". Human communication is complex. It is so complex, that sometimes humans don't need any words to express whatever they want; some gestures, behaviours and ways of acting are sometimes enough to communicate things to others. They are especially useful when a message can't be explicitly said, but it must be sent some other way. In this cases, it is necessary to know that not everybody interprets tacit communication evenly. If you want to send the correct cues, you have to understand the recipient's way of thinking first.

Shall these thoughts be useful to you!


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