Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Uneven twins

I really enjoy reading strange things that occur in our strange world. And this one is, technically, one of the strangest ever.
A note that appeared today in a popular newspaper states that last Sunday, almost at midnight, was born a kid in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But he didn't come alone, his twin brother was also about to come to the world. The interesting part is that the second twin was born some minutes after the first one, just after midnight, which technically means that the baby was born in a different day than his brother... and, more radically speaking, in a different year as well.
I wonder if this strange event will cause a lot of confusion in the future for the children. It will sound quite strange that the boys are twins, one born on December 31, 2006, and the other one on January 1, 2007. That sounds like a lot more time than their actual difference of age is!. But not everything will be so bad for them after all: They're going to have two consecutive days of celebration each time is their respective birthday, and if they're lucky, they'll receive twice as many presents as they would otherwise.


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