Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Time to take out those gloves again!

If you live in the West Coast (particularly in the area of Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle), perhaps you thought that after the unusual blizzard that hit the area last November (click here to read the post about it), it was time to place your gloves, toque and scarf in a drawer again, and to forget about them until next December.
If that's your case, and you haven't checked the weather forecast for the upcoming days, then you'll feel quite disappointed as you keep reading this post. Some weather forecasting services, such as weather.com, expect the rest of this week to be very cold. This will be caused by polar winds coming from the north.
How bad can it get? Not very... the lowest temperature for tomorrow is expected to be -6°C, and on Thursday, the highest temperature will be around -1°C. If we're lucky enough, we could see some more snow any of these days, especially considering that the chances of precipitation tonight are 90%, 20% on Wednesday, and 10% on Thursday (wouldn't you love to see a snowman keeping an eye on your garden again?).
The good news is that winds will be much slower than we had today, so the cold won't be aggressive enough to hurt your lips or cheeks!
However, the situation won't be much better in the rest of North America (including, of course, Mexico): It looks that temperatures will drop down elsewhere. The map above indicates the cold winds expected to affect North America starting from today (click on the image to enlarge).
One more hint: If you're suffering a cold or cough, and it's not absolutely necessary for you to go out to the streets, then remain home.

Image: The Weather Channel.com


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