Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL: Bye, coaches!

The frustration of not making it to the playoffs has meant the exit of many coaches from their positions... and not all of them because being fired.
One of the coaches that left his organization is Bill Cowher, the guy who led the Pittsburgh Steelers during 15 seasons, wining a superbowl for them. Cowher decided that it was time to say goodbye to that job, just to have more time to spend to his family.
An unexpected announcement came from Miami in recent days, when Nick Saban announced that he resigned as the Dolphins' coach. The appointment of this guy some seasons ago was thought by many as the beginning of a long Saban era, in which the Dolphins would be able to obtain the championship at least once. But none of those happened. Saban just accepted an interesting proposal coming from the University of Alabama... so there he goes!
Unfortunately, not all coaches have abandoned their jobs because they wanted to. Some have been fired, like was Jim Mora's case. The management of the Atlanta Falcons decided that his job was not satisfying enough during the three years that he remained as the head coach for that team, with an overall record of 26-22. But he might be accepting a job coming straight from Miami soon.
Another fellow that was ruthlessly fired from his team was former Raiders' coach Art Shell. After finishing the worst season in more than 40 years for the organization (being able only to win two games), the management considered appropriate to fire him. However, they''' (supposedly) try to reallocate Shell somewhere else in the same Oakland based team.
Coaches leave, and coaches come. For those who are out, regardless of the circumstances that drove them out, good luck in your future projects!


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