Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty

When I first heard about the European Union, several years ago, the first idea that came to my mind was: "Oh my, these guys have to be completely insane to try to unite so many countries as a single one".
After a couple of expansions that such organization approved to incorporate members to more than double its original size, nothing really worrying happened to my eyes. Everything was working so sweetly, that at some point I thought that my first idea about the EU was exaggerate, and that such type of unity of several countries was possible. But my expectations went down again by the time when the rejection of the European Constitution happened in 2005.
And now, I see that the unity is gradually turning just into fiction. The entrance of Bulgaria and Romania supposed the inclusion into the European Parliament of several individuals that, mathematically and according to the EU statutes, will make possible one of the imminent nightmares that were to come to whip the bloc: The appearance of its first far-right, ultranationalist political group with active participation in the EU's political activity. A group known as Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty.
The official recognition of this group is expected to happen next January 15. What is very interesting is to meet some of the members that integrate the roster of this party:
  • Jean Marie Le Pen (France): The (fortunately) permanent loser of French Presidential elections, an individual who has spent most of his political career minimizing the importance of the holocaust against Jewish civilians during World War II, arguing that extermination camps and gas chambers were only 'a detail' of war. Not only he's an antisemite, but he has showed xenofobia against racial and religious minorities in France for many years.
  • Bruno Gollnisch (France): Le Pen's party fellow Gollnisch is expected to be the frontman of this political wing in the European Parliament. This individual is currently being tried for charges related to the denial of the holocaust during WWII.
  • Alessandra Mussolini (Italy): What can you expect from fascist leader Benito Mussolini's granddaughter? Her long antagonism with Gianfranco Fini was not only a result of a struggle for power at the Alleanza Nazionale party in Italy, but also because of Fini's apologies to the Jewish community and the Italian nationals about the holocaust in WWII and the fascist regime during Benito Mussolini's rule. As a result of such antagonism and open support of fascism, she left Alleanza Nazionale and created an own party (with fraudulent signatures) named Libertà di Azione, now known as Alternativa Sociale, where she continues her constant attacks towards certain groups, most commonly to homosexuals.
  • Dimitar Stoyanov (Bulgaria): Perhaps the youngest member of the European Parliament, this individual criticized the postulation of Livia Jaroka (Hungary) as the Parliamentary of the year 2006 when he was still just an observer in the EU. His disapproval of such postulation was arisen from the fact that Jaroka has Roma (commonly known as Gypsy) roots. He sent an email through the EU to laugh about Jaroka's origins, and to make insulting comments about Roma people as well.
  • Koenraad Dillen (Belgium): A member of the extreme-right party Vlaams Belang, he has fiercely defended his friendship with Léon Degrelle, a collaborator of the Nazi regime during the WWII. In fact, the Belgian media released some information that revealed a picture in Dillen's living room. In the picture, Léon Degrelle appears wearing a Waffen-SS uniform (a nazi armed wing, responsible for crimes against humanity) while being congratulated personally by Adolf Hitler. The image is autographed by Degrelle, where he refers to Dillen as his "dear friend".
  • Luca Romagnoli (Italy): He's a member of the Italian fascist party called Fiamma Tricolore. A holocaust denier, who publicly showed his indecision on whether gas chambers on extermination camps existed or not.
An elite lineup for a xenophobe group, which will be focused to promote anti-immigration, to avoid the approval of a European Constitution, and to block Turkey as a member of the EU.
Congratulations to the EU, for this 'phenomenal' achievement. Shame on you.


At 3:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I welcome the ITS group and I hope that these brave patriots, which I am pleased to note include one UK member, will put an end to the slow erosion of our national sovereignty and identity. Well done!

At 11:43 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

A group of xenophobes isn't the solution to preserve the European identity... extreme right groups tend to create more problems than they actually solve, as far as I remember. Also, intolerance is the cause of most of the problems we have these days in the world, what's the point on growing it more?

At 4:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never met any of these people, so for all I know I might not get on very well with any off them.

On the other hand, they are the only political grouping in Europe that now stands for tradition and Christian values, and as such they should certainly be welcomed. There is simply no excuse for the laxity and immorality in society today, not just in this country but throughout the western world, and if these people are going to stand up to that sort of thing then that is another reason to support them.

I do have a problem with these political parties, as it happens, because they tend to be nationalists whereas I myself am a monarchist. But nationalism may in fact be the only viable rightwing alternative in some European countries, especially France, where there has been no valid monarchy for about a hundred years. The Belgian monarchy, for its part, is very corrupt, and it might be better for Belgium in the future if the country is broken up again into its constituent parts. So long as Europeans accept that British "nationalism" is monarchical and imperialist, and not inward-looking and xenophobic and racialist, then there ought to be no reason why European and British right-wingers cannot work together.

At 12:13 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Yes, I definitely agree in the fact that it's important to keep alive traditions and identity. But I'm still skeptical to think that a bunch of deniers of crimes against humanity are indeed the most adequate to deal with that... intolerance won't promote a lot of tradition and identity, but it will carry clashes and repression on minority groups for sure all across the EU

At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

European civilization does not rest on the holocaust. 1945 is not year one of Anno Holocausto.

Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered more. Get over it.

We have 2000 years of rich tradition and were not barbarians before the almighty Christ-hating hebe came along and decided to stir up some shit.

At 10:01 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Hey anonymous: I'm sorry to read your post, which not only does not make any sense, but it contains nothing more than fanaticism, antisemitism and foul language. People like you fuel the existence of xenophobic groups like ITS and many others that promote clashes among humans.


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