Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Don't accept imitations of the imitations!

Groups dedicated to the production of counterfeit material, such as illegal copies of movies and music CDs, are reaching disgusting and ironic limits.
The sale of illegal copies of copyrighted and trademarked items has become a very profitable businesses for organizations that "make a living" from this activity. All these individuals are completely aware that they ruin some other decent organizations' business (and that they're putting in risk the jobs of many people who support entire families), but it doesn't seem that they care much about that. And neither do the customers who buy these illegal items, who normally are not sensitive of the damage they're causing to third parties and to national economies as well.
However, piracy finds a good market especially in developing countries, where buyers tend to be more price sensitive than in other parts of the world. In such countries, people usually prefer to buy counterfeit articles (you can call them movies, books, music cd's, computer games, clothing, toys, or whatever you like) just to pay a lower price than the original thing, but having the satisfaction of owning it. This makes a huge market for illegal organizations, and the gradual growth of the market is also attracting more and more individuals to this kind of activity.
Particularly in Mexico (but I'm sure that this phenomenon is happening in many other places as well), the amount of organizations that sell illegal material has grown so greatly, that some of them have decided to adopt commercial names that may distinguish them as elite brands for counterfeit material.
Some of these organizations have adopted names such as "DVD Guerrero", "Gallo Records MP3", and "Fast Record". The idea of these names is to create a brand awareness among the potential customers, so whenever a buyer purchases any material 'produced' by any of these groups, they can have the guarantee that they're acquiring a 'high quality' illegal item, much better than any other similar pirate product that some other organization may be offering.
So now, if you use to buy piracy, you can look for quality brands when purchasing these articles. Don't accept imitations of the imitations!


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