Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPhone... Astonished about it?

As many (including myself) predicted some months ago, the iPhone was presented by Apple. It looks that, with this step, the "iSheep-i-zation" of the communications market will begin soon. How exciting is the launch of the iPhone to you? For Apple-worshipers, it is the beginning of a new era in mobile communications. But many people, including myself, have a different point of view about it.
As I wrote back in November, the announcement of this new product leaves me more questions than answers (click here to read the post).
For instance, if you're wishing to own one of these gadgets by June (when the iPhone will be available in stores) just to show your friends that you use the latest technology, you'll have to switch your actual cell phone provider to Cingular, which is the largest carrier in the US but, as far as I know, not the best one. But how painful can that be? You'll only have a two-year contract with them.
Let's analyze some other features. It is equipped with a "Multi Touch" screen that has been announced as one of the great revolutionary inventions for this device. I would have to use one of those to see what exactly is different from a conventional touch screen, but however, I'm sure that the same principle of using your fingers to touch the screen and operate the device cannot be very different from what we know. Besides, you can expect to find yourself in the need of cleaning very frequently your "Multi Touch" screen, unless you operate it with a velvet glove!
Next, the amazing iPod functions: 8 GB of space to store exactly the same things that you already do in your iPod! That's very revolutionary. If you don't have an iPod yet, then you'll find some appeal in this feature. Otherwise, why would anybody want to throw their relatively new (and also very functional) iPod to a dusty drawer, just to own a device that includes its functions but with (probably) less memory? You'd better not like to store video clips there!
Another important thing to consider is that the iPhone is internet accessible. You'll use a Safari web browser to navigate the world wide web, and Yahoo will offer a free push email to the iSheep customers. That's magnificent, that way nobody will feel the tiredness of entering Yahoo Mail's homepage address. You'll also have access to other services such as Google Earth, which is valuable if you are really interested in geographic issues. Just for fun, of course. For serious navigation, it's better to use a GPS device.
Obviously, as any other cell phone, this one is equipped with a camera to shoot videos and pictures. But this one has a higher resolution, 2 megapixels! How cool and useful for a phone.
Most interesting of all, the gadget doesn't have a keyboard! That's right, you'll never have to feel the discomfort of placing your fingers on a telephone keyboard. It's a great benefit offered by the iPhone, especially for people who control their phones without actually seeing them (hm... I wonder if this thingy is equipped with some kind of aid to visually impaired persons). This is also very useful to send SMS messages. You'll have a virtual keyboard that, according to Apple, is able to 'prevent' and correct mistakes. I wonder if the amount of characters per message is increased as well. I doubt it.
And now, last but not least: the phone functions! Yes! Believe it or not, the iPhone is also designed to work as a cell phone! Don't deal with messy contact lists anymore; Apple promises to 'revolutionize' it: Now, you can only place your fingertip over the name of the contact you wish to call, and voilà! You're calling them. Want to add more people to the conversation? There's a feature that allows to have conferences as well.
But can anybody tell me, what's the estimated life of the battery? How good is the reception? It's pathetic to see how some manufacturers sell their products only promoting the additional features on it, but always forgetting what are they originally created for.
What's the definitive name for this thing? iPhone? Time will say... it looks that Cisco Systems thought of that brand first, and they're gonna defend it fiercely. And don't lose sight of Nokia and Motorola, players that won't give up as easily as many are expecting.
Not so wonderful to my eyes, after all.


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