Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cuban... I mean, Venezuelan democracy

Clearly inspired in ideas manufactured in either China, Cuba, North Korea or Iraq during Saddam's regime, Hugo Chavez decided that, starting from 2007 (if he wins the Venezuelan elections that are to take place next December), he'll modify the Constitution to establish a single party political system, with unlimited number of reelections for the acting president (this means, for himself).
And believe me, it's almost sure that he'll win those presidential elections in the same fraudulent way he did last time, when Venezuelan voted against him during a referendum (but the voting machines recorded the votes against Chavez as votes for him). What's next? Is Venezuela becoming the next Cuba, now that the world is wondering what will happen in Cuba once that Fidel's rule ends?
What is evident is that the Venezuelan president is becoming more and more sick of power every day, and the populist fantasies that he sells to the poor people in Venezuela keep having an intense effect, even when, after eight years ruling that country, the amount of poor people in Venezuela has increased drastically.
So the question is not only what will happen in Cuba after Fidel Castro's rule, but now it's time to start thinking about what's next for Venezuela after Chavez wins the elections. Any ideas? Please write a message!


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