Wednesday, June 21, 2006

German Parallel Soccer World Cup

The World Cup fever is increasing day by day in Germany, and not only because of hosting one of the major sport competitions all around the world. It seems that the Fifa World Cup trophy is not the only award pursued, at least for Germans.
There is a parallel competition that is taking place in Germany, but instead of being played in fields, it's played online: German Internet users will have the opportunity to vote the best German internet site dedicated to soccer through a website named Deutscher Multimedia Award. The users will be able to vote until June 28, 2006, when the final results will be published. The list of candidates was created by twelve judges who had to chose from about 900 websites.
More information about this prize can be found in the following address: (unfortunately, it's in German so I don't understand much of the information, but if you don't speak German try to find someone who can help you out with it).
See you now guys!


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