Monday, June 19, 2006

Iranian nuclear weapons warning

I read an article in a local newspaper today that really worried me, and I think that the world should be shocked as well.
According to Hans Blix, former Chief of the UN Weapon Inspectors, Iran could be able to produce a nuclear weapon in as short as 5 years if they are allowed to produce enriched uranium massively; and although the Iranian government has stated in several occasions that their nuclear program has peaceful purposes, they could eventually change their minds.
Could you imagine the disgraces that could happen if an islamic fundamentalist government like the Iranian (headed by a psycho pronounced against anything that doesn't comply islamic rules) take control over any nuclear weapons, and they decide to use them? I think that the govenments all around the globe should be concerned about this Iranian nuclear program and they should do something about it, just to avoid an imminent disgrace that could cost millions of lives and thousands of years to patially relieve.


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