Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Inter-Korea Summit

Who could ever forget the historical moment when Kim Jong Il and Kim Dae Jong, presidents of North and South Korea, respectively, met? This happened on June 13, 2000, exactly 6 years ago. And this brought very important consequences: First of all, relatives from North and South Korea were allowed to visit each others after being severed when the Korean Peninsula was split in two different countries. Also, it brought a new hope for Koreans (both northern and southern) to become a single country again, like they were several years ago. And third, it became an international demonstration that peace between the countries and races is also possible. Do you remember how emotive was to see both Koreas marching as a single country during the opening of the Olympic Games in Sydney that year?
Unfortunately, there haven't been any news regarding this topic lately. Will both Koreas be able to become a single country again, after so many years, and considering that their political, cultural and social philosophies are radically different? Is this a project for real, or it's just a false hope given to Koreans? I guess it would be great to see in the future a united and peaceful Korea, which worries to become a modern country instead of being interested in the production of nuclear weapons to damage innocent people. Cheers.


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