Saturday, June 10, 2006

PT Cruiser vs. HHR... can you find the 10 differences?

I remember the days when Chrysler's model PT Cruiser first came out to the market. Its vintage style mixed with some contemporary features caused a lot of criticism around this vehicle: some people loved it, and some other hated it. There were no middle points.
On the other hand, General Motors has always been seen as a company that produces very innovative cars through their affiliate brands. Who could ever forget when Pontiac's Aztek model came to the streets? Or even the legendary Corvette?
I think that the designers at General Motors really liked the PT Cruiser model as well. I'm not against inspiring in other people's ideas to create new ones, but what happened with their HHR model is just insulting. I can't remember any model created by a serious car company that looks like a counterfeit version of another model produced by a rival manufacturer, but this is the case of the HHR against the PT Cruiser. Not only they look similar, but their features are almost the same as well: their power, motor size and measures vary very little... and, worst of all, GM's counterfeit PT Cruiser has a higher price than the original thing.
Now, I dare you to find the 10 differences between these two cars:

The original Chrysler PT Cruiser, and...

...its counterfeit version, Chevrolet's HHR

Two thumbs down for this GM's model!!!


At 7:36 PM , Anonymous Keith said...


I could be wrong on this but I believe that the lead designer of the PT Cruiser left Chrysler a few years ago and is working at General Motors. The HHR is also his design.

So like John Fogerty, he is guilty of ripping himself off.

But I agree that GM should have realized that the design was just too close to the PT Cruiser and should have made a few major styling changes to differentiate it more.


At 2:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryan Nesbitt designed both cars.

At 12:19 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

That's fair enough... I see that it's not a matter of a "strange coincidence". Still, they're very similar.


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