Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Cat Brother

I have mentioned on several occasions how ridiculous I find to create businesses designed especially for dogs and cats, which for sure they won't appreciate at all, like that radio station in Thailand created for dogs (click here to read that article). But the following marketing strategy could be a more intelligent way to take advantage of businesses focused on animals.
It looks that Animal Planet Channel and Meow Mix cat food decided that it'd be very interesting for their customers (both tv watchers and cats) to watch a reality show starred by ten cats taken from animal shelters in the USA. These animals will be placed in a house somewhere at Madison Avenue in New York, and they will remain there for the following 10 weeks, starting from June 16, and updates of what's going on into that place will be broadcasted on Animal Planet daily at 9 pm, on 3 minute spots. The purpose of this is to catch more customers for Meow Mix products, as well as to encourage people for pet adoption and care. The "winner" of this reality show will receive a grand prize, which will be an honorable title (well, this won't be very exciting for a cat, indeed).
I think that this marketing strategy may have good results, and let's just see if people find interesting a reality show starred by cats (I personally don't find this interesting, but I'm not the kind of customers that this cat food brand is seeking indeed).
More information about this creative project can be found by clicking here (you'll be redirected to a page hosted by Yahoo News).
That's all folks, at least for today. Bye now.


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