Monday, June 05, 2006

Beware of Barry Manilow's music, Australians!

Barry Manilow wouldn't be very pleased to know that Australian authorities in the city of Sydney decided to use his music to drive away noisy teenagers each weekend.
These boys have been causing some minor riots lately in a parking lot located in a park. The people have been complaining about the heavy and loud music that the teenagers listen, as well as the noise produced by their roaring motors.
So, after many attempts to drive away the boys, the local authorities decided to play Barry Manilow's music with giant speakers in such parking lot. This is because teenagers consider this "outdated" and "extra sweet" music, and they just can't tolerate it, so it'll be the perfect tool to avoid those problems.
This strange experiment will begin next July and it'll last at least six months.
Well, Mr. Manilow, I don't like your music as well, but at least you can be proud that it'll be remembered in the future for being useful for different purposes than the one it was composed for!


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