Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do you like Tiziano Ferro? Well, he doesn't like you!

Tiziano Ferro is an Italian singer who is mainly known in certain countries of Latin America, especially Mexico.
Well, this guy recently appeared in an Italian TV program named Che Tempo Fai, broadcasted by the local channel RAI, where he said that "it's impossible to say that the most beautiful women in the world are in Mexico, they have mustaches, and you'd need courage to... well, I'm sorry, but they know it. Maybe Salma [Hayek]...". Even Fabio Fazio, the host of the program, got ashamed with such comment, apologizing immediately.
But Tiziano didn't do the same; instead, he kept talking insulting things about some other places in the world, mostly Latin America. Some of his wise comments were that "food and weather in Belgium are horrible", "when I travel to Colombia I say to the media that I'm not afraid of guerrilla, but I have bodyguards with me 24 hours every day when I'm there" and "I can't understand how can a country like El Salvador exist". Clever fellow, isn't he?
After his unbelievable demonstrations of irrespect for his Latin American and Belgian fans, and after the mass media spread Ferro's words, he quickly argued that everything has been "a joke" and that the TV program in which he appeared talking that stuff is all about jokes.
Don't you find strange that the host of a funny TV program apologizes for the jokes of his guest immediately, while the guest waits for two days to make clear that everything is a joke?
I'm sorry Tiziano, but you suck as a comedian and as a singer as well... at least I doubt that you'll be able to sell many discs and concert tickets in Latin America and Belgium from now on. My advice: Think twice before opening your mouth in public TV.
Cheers, guys.


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