Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ok, let's found businesses for dogs!

Hello people. I'm afraid that bizarre and distorted ideas are endless and they're becoming a pandemic illness. I don't know why people keep investing money to open beauty shops, restaurants, movie theatres, and other grotesque businesses focused in dogs and cats.
But the following is absolutely ridiculous, just check this out: In Thailand, a businessman named Anupan Boonchuen serves as director of a school where pupils learn to perform haircuts and other beauty tratements for dogs. Well, this fellow decided to found a radio station called "Dog Radio Thailand" because, according to him, music helps to improve the dogs' mood (Yes, why not??).
The ridiculous part is that the radio station broadcasts Thai pop music, although the owner expects to broadcast other genres in a short term. In the meanwhile, the speaker sends messages to the dogs through this radio station in Thai language, and "this will encourage the pets to interact with the radio". There will be a certain hour when the radio station will repeat over and over the word "sawasdi" (which means 'hello' in Thai) , and this way the dogs will get very excited and they'll star jumping as if they were about to receive a bone, according to Boonchuen.
Hahahahahaha how do you like this?? I've always thought that founding restaurants and beauty shops for pets is ridiculous, but this is just beyond the border of stupidity!!


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