Monday, May 29, 2006

European Constitution? No way!

An entire year has passed since the majority of French citizens decided to vote against one of the projects thaet would settle down the identity for the countries forming the European Union: The European Constitution.
What did inspire French citizens to vote against that constitution? There were many reasons, including the feeling of losing their national identity, and the fear that eventually Turkey could be admitted as an active member into the European Union. Other nationalistic ideologies definitely played a role on the voters' decision, as many claimed that such constitution would be a "door to allow more immigrants to come to France, so they'll also take a big portion of the jobs available in the market", a topic which is indeed feared in France.
But France was not the only country to reject the European Constitution through a referendum, as the Netherlands did so in June 1, 2005, also by a wide margin. The Dutch population had more or less the same reasons to vote against such project.
These rejections of the European Constitution delayed the project of trying to unite the member countries as a single country. Will that ever come true? I find too complicated to unite countries with so different ideologies and traditions as a single one, but we'll just see. By now, it'll take some other 10 years until the new European Constitution will be voted for or against by the member countries.


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