Thursday, June 01, 2006

NHL action: Stanley Cup Finalists defined!

Hello People. The hockey conference finals ended today and it's time to review the results of the series against my forecast:
1. For Carolina vs. Buffalo, I said that Buffalo would win
2. For Edmonton vs. Anaheim, I picked the Oilers
Once again, I had a 50% accuracy in my predictions. The sad part of this story is that the Sabres are already out of the battle, so meet the finalists of the 2006 Stanley Cup:

Carolina Hurricanes - Edmonton Oilers

What can we expect from this series? Well, sincerely, I hope to see the Oilers winning the Cup, as they have done a hell of a job during the whole playoffs. Definitely they're my pick for the series and I assure you that we'll have an exciting Stanley Cup Final for this season, although the Sabres aren't there.
Keep an eye on the NHL, as the fireworks are about to begin!!!!


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