Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World No Tobacco Day

Since 1987, on May 31 is observed the World No Tobacco Day, which is committed to spread the word about the risks of smoking and the benefits of leaving such vice once that it was acquired.
Fortunately for non-smokers, in certain countries and provinces within the US and Canada, it is now forbidden to smoke in public places. This means that the passive smoking rate has decreased for sure in the places where such laws take effect. Some of those countries include Ireland and Norway. (Residents in Ontario and Quebec, please notice the new smoking bans that take effect starting today!!!)
I guess it's a right decision to forbid people to smoke in public places, as this causes serious health damages to non smokers. I think that the best place to smoke is in open areas or at home.
I am not against smoking, but I think that if you smoke, you have to take control over the amount of cigarrettes per day.
Have a healthy day!


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