Monday, May 01, 2006

Random Thoughts #2

As I've got nothing really interesting to write for today (maybe I can call it lack of inspiration), this post will be dedicated to some thoughts and advises that I'd like to share with all you fellows:
Thought 1. You've got to choose your battles. It's pretty common for us human beings to feel almighty and clever, just above any other being. But this feeling is erroneous, we all have got limited capabilities and intelligence that somehow mark a boundary of action, and we can't pass beyond it, or at least not alone. So whenever you're having any trouble to face and you assume that you're not strong enough to do so alone, just retire if you can't get help, or find someone appropriate that will make things easier for you.
Thought 2. Time is precious. I've seen many cases of people that waste valuable time just letting life go by, and after some years they regret about the things they never did and for which is late to start working on. Don't be afraid to be different to other people, even if they look at you like if you were strange; if you've got positive goals to reach just fight to reach them on the right time, with the right conditions.
Thought 3. Good friends we have, and good friends we'll lose along the way. Maybe this reminds you of a Bob Marley song, doesn't it? the truth is that we've sang this chorus, with a different tense, lots of times; but maybe there are persons that don't understand what's its message. As I interpret it, the world is constantly moving and things can hardly remain static. We must move with our evolving world, and the people who surround us will move as well. Not every person that you see as a friend today will still be one in the future, we'll pass through painful separations from people that are really important for us but we have to keep on moving and pursuing our goals. This doesn't mean that we don't have to fight to keep friends as close as we can for the longest time possible, but this doesn't always work. So take your cautions and be prepared for changes.
This is it for now. Remember that sometimes a hug or a caress can speak more than a million words ;). Cheers.


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