Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chernobyl and the modern nuclear threat

Twenty long years have passed since the explosion of reactor number 4 of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl, Ukraine, and it seems that the scars of that catastrophe are still visible and vulnerable. According to some ennironment protecting organizations, the nuclear accident of Chernobyl is still to cause some hundreds of thousands of deaths. And let's not forget about people who sacrificed their own lives to save the planet from this radioactivity, and people who has suffered strange illnesses since that day.
This disaster made very clear that nuclear power is a clean way to produce energy and to make life easier for us, but it can be very harmful as well if it is obtained by unadequated personnel, and for non peaceful purposes.
It should be a global concern the situation that the world is seeing with the case of Iran, country that is producing enriched uranium (which is one of the main materials needed to build an atomic bomb) allegedly for peaceful purposes. I seriously doubt that these people are only wanting to produce electricity for the well being of the Iranian population, especially when considering the multiple occasions in which president Ahmedinejad has expressed his intentions to "disappear" the State of Israel and his unwillingness to deal with occidental countries as they are "enemies of Islam". He has always threatened the US if they try to stop his nuclear program.
What is more unbelievable of the situation is that he is being supported by countries like Russia and China, who are also defending Iran's right to develop nuclear power. I find this really strange, and I wonder: Don't they feel threatened as well by that president that clearly hates every non-islamic country? Didn't they learn of the possible consequences of nuclear power being posessed by irresponsible people? Don't forget about what happened in Ukraine on April 26,1986.


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