Saturday, April 22, 2006

Poll: World's most beautiful Spanish word

Tomorrow the world will know which word is the most beautiful in the whole Spanish language, according to the School of Writers.
The contest took place since April 3 until April 21, 2006, and many Spanish-speaking personalities proposed some words that could win this bizarre prize. Some of the logically awaited nominees are: "generosidad" (generosity), "hermosura" (beauty), "amor" (love), "libertad" (freedom), and "espléndido" (splendid), just to mentione some. There are other nominee words for which I don't understand where to find their beauty, but they also have a chance to win: "aguamarina" (aquamarine), "gárgola" (gargoyle), "luciérnaga" (fire fly), and "sendero" (path), among others.
To vote the most beautiful word in Spanish, many celebrities such as writers, artists, politicians and even cybernauts participated and I guess that they are anxiously waiting for the final result of this event, which will be published on Book's Day.
Do you really find interesting to know which is the most beautiful word of any language? I personally don't know what's the basis on which they are determining a beautiful or ugly word. I don't even find what advantage will Spanish speakers obtain from knowing the most voted beautiful word in their language, and as this is useless, it will be remembered as a funny anecdote... but for how long? Will Spanish speakers remember such word maybe fifty years from now? History will let us know.


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