Saturday, April 29, 2006

The U.S. National anthem... in Spanish??

As May 1st approches, the latin demonstrations in the U.S. continue to grow and they are already crossing the threshold of unrespectfulness.
I want to make you know that I am NOT an American citizen, nor I take part on the conflict regading illegal immigrants. But I think that the national emblems (such as the flag and national anthem) of every country must be respected by every individual, regardless of the country in which they are living.
I've heard recently in the news that there is a posse of latin singers, musicians, and actors that gathered to record a new version in Spanish of the "Star Spangled Banner", the U.S. National Anthem. They are allegedly doing this to "support the movement" of the illegal immigrants that are demanding citizen rights for themselves in the whole U.S. territory. Worse of all, they are planning to sell this aberration in music stores and they hope that radio stations will broadcast it nationwide.
Well, I had the opportunity to listen to this new version of such Anthem, and although the lyrics are reasonably similar to the ones in English, the rhythm is awful, and I consider that singing the National Anthem of any country in any language different of its original one is an insult. Do you think that Mexican citizens would be very pleased to listen the Mexican National Anthem in English? or would French people like a new version of La Marsellaise in German? This is just not correct to do, and I'd like to say to the people who think that this is a good method to show their inconformity about certain issues, that this is not appropriate to do and that they may lose more than what they can gain with such grotesque expressions. If the national emblems don't inspire respect for the countries anymore, what can we expect next? It's time to think about it.


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