Tuesday, April 25, 2006

March of the Living

Today took place the March of the Living, in which approximately 8,000 people from all around the world commemorated the six million jews (and many other gypsies, polish, soviets, and people from other origins) that were killed by German troops during World War II. This march is organized every year, and the route followed is the one that links the Auschwitz and Birkenau extermination camps in Poland.
I had once the opportunity to participate in such event (during the spring of 2000) and believe me it is one of the most (or maybe the most) touching demonstrations in which a person can take part. It's very shocking to visit the concentration and extermination camps in which the nazis systematically killed people, and to find there clothes, shoes, luggage and other belongings of innocent people who found in those places a cruel death made me want to cry. There are also some blue stains on the walls of the gas chambers that are really frightening.
It is undescriptible the feeling of being in those places, the atmosphere there still carries sadness and horror.
To participate in this March is an experience that makes people grow and have a totally different perception of life. In this ceremony not only jews participate, but people from every country regardless of their religious beliefs, political affiliation, race or gender. So everyone can, and maybe should, live this as well. After all, I can't believe that there are people out there that still claim that the jewish Holocaust is only a myth and that it never happened. I invite those people to visit the concentration and extermination camps and to learn a little bit of how destroying human hate and ignorance can be.
Let's not forget what happened during the World War II. Remember that, if we do not learn from history, it will tend to repeat. The best thing to do is to live peacefully and respectfully with the rest of human beings, and not forget nor allow another tragedy like the Holocaust to happen. again.


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