Friday, April 28, 2006

A little fable (for my dear friend)

Today, I want to share a little fable with you, which I wrote from my own inspiration. It is dedicated to one of my dearest friends I've ever had. And if she reads this, I want her to know that I'm with her, that I'm grateful for the unconditional friendship she has offered me since we met and that I won't forget about what she has done for me. Thanks a lot, I send you a great hug...!

Once upon a time, there was goat that lived in a high mountain peak. She had a lonely life, as not many visitors used to go to the place she lived in, so her life was really quiet, and she was satisfied with it.
One day, the goat saw that, surprisingly, a beaver came into her territory. The beaver noticed the presence of the goat and he quickly introduced himself with her.
-"Hello", he said. "I'm a beaver that had to escape from my natural habitat because some men came and destroyed the place I lived in to build their own homes".
-"I don't care", replied the goat. "This is my territory and I don't like anybody else to enter it. Go away!"
-"But please, let me stay here", answered the beaver. "I've lost my family and I have no place to go. Let's be friends and defend our interests together".
The goat laughed at the beaver. "I don't need your friendship. I can take care of this territory alone, so leave!" ordered the goat.
The beaver left the place and the goat felt really satisfied of her brave attitude to defend her territory. Some days passed, and suddenly the beaver came again. This made the goat upset.
-"What do you want?" asked the goat.
- "I've been wandering for many days and I haven't found any friendly animals around here yet. I need a good friend to protect me from enemies, and I thought you could help me".
- "Don't bother me, I won't help you", said the goat."Don't even dare to come back here, this is my territory and I won't let you in".
- "But please! I'll get lots of wood for you to build a cabin, and so we'll both be safe" begged the beaver, as he bit some logs to obtain wood, to see if he could gain the goat's frienship.
- "I can take care of myself alone. Get out of here, and don't come back!"
And the beaver left the place once again. The goat felt strong by taking these actions, and she built a tiny cabin with the wood that the beaver left for her.
One day a stormy rain fell in the place where the goat lived. The winds were extremely strong, and the goat decided to hide in the cabin she built with the beaver's wood. After the storm passed, she felt really relieved and she said to herself: "I'm saved thanks to that little beaver! I think I was too hard with him, he has showed that he can be a loyal friend for me and I've been too hostile. I must be grateful with him for saving my life". So she decided to seek the beaver to apologize and to see if she could still save a great friendship. The goat went down the mountain and she looked for the beaver. After some days of looking for him, she found out that the defenseless beaver had been hunted by his enemies.
Don't ever reject a good friend, as if the friendship is true, you'll both be benefited by it.


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