Thursday, April 27, 2006

Latest Mobile Technologies!

I have no doubt that technology is advancing and is making our lives easier, but does this bring real benefits to us? I have some points of view related to mobile phones and new technologies, which I'd like to share with you.

Does your mobile phone look like the one on the image above? It's a proof of how quickly technology is advancing, and the benefits that we can obtain from a single mobile phone. Do you remember how did the mobile phones look like 5 years ago? they were something like the one below:

They weren't very beautiful indeed, were they? But I guess they had some interesting points for them. At least, some years ago, mobile producer companies used to worry about the basic mobile functions to work properly: good signal, coverage, and long-lasting batteries were some of the characteristics that users seeked most in these gadgets.

But in recent years, the customer preferences appear to have changed, and so had the worries of the mobile manufacturers. They don't seem to focus on good quality phone features, but they pay special attention in other features that don't have anything to do with mobiles.

You can experience this situation when you go to the store to buy or rent a mobile phones. Try asking the clerk about the functionality of any mobile phone, you can expect an answer like: "Well, this mobile is fully equipped with 1,436,170 ring tones, SMS and Multimedia messages, 800 different games, AM/FM radio, sparkling lights that blink 300 colours the whole day, two LCD screens, caller ID, mp3 player, 3.1 megapixels digital camera with integrated flash light, video and voice recording, and tons of colored skins to switch". Oh, yes, that's great.

But try asking about the essential mobile features that a decent phone must contain, most of the times the clerks and assistants do not have any idea of what you're talking about. Ask them about the quality of reception that a mobile phone has, or about the lasting time of its battery. They don't have the slightest idea, believe me.

Next time you buy a mobile phone, don't get just blinded by the extra features that the gadgets have. If you really want to use your new acquisition as a mobile phone, don't discard the extra features, but ask also about its functionality as a mobile phone. You won't regret it, and it may save you from sour problems. ;)


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