Saturday, May 20, 2006

Baseball fans, it's time to cheer: "Barry!, Barry!, Barry!"

All the fans of the San Francisco Giants and Barry Bonds himself have reasons to be happy today, as this player connected his all time 714th homerun in a game against the Oakland Athletics. This is a moment that will be remembered in baseball history, because with this homerun, he reached Babe Ruth's record established in May 25, 1935. This sets him as the player with the second all time most career HR connections record, tied with Babe Ruth.
But now the challenge for Bonds is different. He's now tied as the second best all time homer, but he's got work to do if he wishes to reach Hank Aaron's record of 755 homeruns. Will Barry succeed in his new mission? We'll just see. What is sure for now is that he needs one more HR to displace Babe Ruth to the third place, and he needs 41 to tie Aaron's record. But there are still lots of games for the San Francisco Giants to come in this season, and maybe we could see Bonds' 715th HR soon. But by now, congratulations Barry! Nice job!!


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