Thursday, May 11, 2006

Martian Eclypse

May 11, 1984, is the exact date when the last transit of the Earth from Mars occured. The particularity of this phenomenon is that it's more or less similar to what we know as an "eclypse", but this one can only be seen from Mars, and it's our Earth which is seen as a black disc moving across the Sun. According to experts, in some strange cases, both the Earth and its Moon can be seen separately moving across the face of the Sun. Obviously, no human being has ever observed our planet from Mars.
Would you like to travel to Mars and witness a transit of the Earth from there? Just be patient: the next transit will occur on November 10, 2084... maybe by then, human technology will be advanced enough to organize safe and comfortable trips to Mars. But, meanwhile, we can keep dreaming of the day when the outter space will become an affordable destination for tourists and adventure seekers.


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