Monday, May 15, 2006

Summer keeps approaching...

Hi people! Today was a hot and rainy one, and those conditions normally contribute to throw down anyone's mood (especially for people like me who don't like warm weather). But not everything is bad news; after an active mother's day-weekend, another week begins and many important events keep approaching more and more, especially around the summer.
For example, the Soccer World Cup in Germany, maybe the most awaited competition for soccer fans all around the world. I personally don't care too much about such cup, the last two editions of the tournament have been quite boring and it's somehow annoying to find always the same teams really into the battle for the cup: Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, France, England. Am I missing any?
There are other events that will be darkened by the shadow of Germany 2006 but their effects will remain for a much longer period: I'm talking about the elections in Peru and Mexico. Both elective processes have no favorite candidate yet and the polls are really close between the left-wing candidates and the center and right wing ones. I hope that the soccer fever won't blind the inhabitants of such countries so they effectively vote and not just sit to watch soccer.
Another devastating phenomenon that is approaching (and not only that, but it's already with us) is the hurricanes season. There are some bad news around this topic: experts say that this year, the hurricane streak could be more violent than last year's. Do you remember about Katrina, Stan, Wilma? Let's not forget about their catastrophic results and let's also hope that, for this occasion, the expert's forecast is wrong.
What else? Hm... I almost forgot... vacations! Don't forget to book your trip, if you're planning any. I've got my own personal reasons to await so excitedly next summer, but let's live present and let's wait for future to come, don't you think??


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