Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Any solutions for traffic jams?

There are things that make me really sick, and one of them is traffic jams. It's just the everyday chaos that we, normal people that live in big cities, have to deal with. And it's a waste of our life.
For example, it takes me around 40 minutes daily to drive to my office (through a route that should take me about 25 minutes maximum), and on my way back, I have to drive for some other 40 minutes. That makes 1 hour and 20 minutes daily. Now, if you multiply that by five (because I work from Monday to Friday), we have that I spend 6 weekly hours driving to and from my office. Now, we have about 4 weeks in a month, so if we multiply such 6 hours by 4 weeks, that means that I spend 24 hours (an entire day!) driving monthly. Fortunately, my case is not the worst you can ever see.
But what solutions are available for us to minimize the effects of this problem? I think that the excesive use of automobiles is one of the main sources of traffic, so wouldn't be a good idea to ride a bicycle if your workplace is not too far from your house (let's say, about 5 km.)?
If that isn't your case, maybe you could think about public transportation (subway or bus are the best options), at least twice per week. If that doesn't work for you, because of the low efectiveness of public transportation in the city where you live, you could maybe use a skateboard or any other tool hehehe...
But being serious, maybe we won't have to wait for so many years until some interesting machines can be mass produced. There's an invention (of which I unfortunately forgot its name, I'd appreciate if any of you guys can help me with that) that is some kind of two-wheel motorcycle that works only by electricity, and you can travel stood up. The benefit of that machine is that it can be used on the sidewalks and it'll be a lot cheaper and smaller than a conventional car. The only disadvantage: its speed won't be very fast.
If you love speed, maybe you can wait until enough of those gadgets mass produced and bought, so we can enjoy of a little free space to run our cars.
Any other options? please post a message. That's all folks, at least for now!


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